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I like to think it`s quite a simple one based on what I`ve learnt from my life experiences to date.

I never judge anybody as individual`s however their actions or there manner do or may contribute on how I see them, and therefore lead me to a decision on how I may engage with them at the time, or at anytime in the future, should our paths cross again.

Never tell a person they are wrong to believe in what they believe in,

Never argue with a person on a subject you know nothing about

Never be afraid to say Sorry and always do so when needed

Never put another person down

Try and be the best you can be

Work hard

Always ask questions never assume answers

Don`t expect anything tho try to achieve

Be respectful

listen before instructing or giving advise

Never use the word Hate in relation to others ( Far to strong a word in any vocabulary) except when it comes to LIVER

Always try something at least once before disliking

Be open minded to new ideas , suggestions ,points of view and every aspect of life which may be new

All of the above I try to live by along with everything else that a good person should .. I`m not perfect by any stretch . I make plenty of mistakes but I try and learn from them . Live and let live .. Strive to be better .. Enjoy life .. Be quick to praise and reluctant to condemn . BUT MOST OF ALL BE YOURSELF !!!

Never Fear The Future Embrace It

Never Regret Your Past Learn From It

Never Ever Not Even If Your Life Depends On It ( Cuz It Probably will ) Push Red Buttons OR Cut Red Wires


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