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Future Shock

In just under four weeks today I leave this country to embark on a life with my Fiance, She lives 3,800 miles away in the good ole land of the USA . It wont be totally alien to me as I`ve been over there a couple of times to visit her,and they all speak English , So it can`t be that difficult , Rite ?

The closer I get to that eagerly awaited date, the more I find myself trying to foresee,predict and plan for the imminent CULTURE SHOCK that I`m about to receive as an immigrant in a foreign land ..The Language Barrier has to be the obvious starting place because English English IS NOT American English. I come from West Country Rural England , yep a carrot cruncher as we are fondly referred as . Now us carrot crunchers have have our distinct form of English with phrases such as ” Ow be on young-un” and ” Gizza Pint Love” not to mention “Anybody got a spare fag”. Any of these will in the very least result in a blank looking face as a response .. “wheres the bog mate?” ” I wanna take a slash” .. So there’s the first issue right there. Now I was being a little tongue in cheek with those examples but I really am going to have to learn to speak American English and in all in tense and purpose become an American .

Out Goes  toilet , crapper and bog ,  In Comes restroom OR Bathroom.Out Goes bonnet ,boot and bumper In comes hood trunk and fender. No more petrol or Diesel its now Gas. it goes on ..

There are lots of other things of course Driving on opposite side of road .. That whole turn right at a red light, remembering to say your welcome , yes sir,yes m`am ..  Form filling, taxation., healthcare, the topic of religion, new customs and traditions, the way food is cooked, the law, my rights, clothing measurements, shoe sizing,  plugs n sockets, how do I fit a new plug,coffee machines, french fries, doughnuts,hotdogs, guns,armadillo`s,,snakes,,bugs,frigging alligators,rednecks n hillbillies,finding my way round, signals,signs, spelling ,terminology, the weather, heat, hurricanes,tornadoes,and so on.

I know its going to be a steep learning curve but its one I relish in taking on. It`s is a little daunting however it also very very exciting . I`m very much looking forward to the future and sharing my life with the soon to be Mrs LankyBritt..

Any suggestions  or advice will be greatly received thank you


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