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Lanky Goes Forth ! Two More Fridays

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                    Well I have to say where did this week go? Don’t get me wrong. Considering when I look back at how slow time has seemed to pass leading up to this point , especially May, I am certainly not complaining. It has been a pretty easy week all round if I`m honest. Work has been nice and steady and my work colleagues seem to be, Oh I don`t know, anticipating my departure from the work place fold as it were. The few months leading up to now I found a little tedious due to the fact the same people were asking the same questions day in day out. Questions like, how long now ? What date ya going ? Are you nervous ? And so on . It`s changed now , and I have to say It`s quite heartwarming when I hear .. Only one more week Lanky .. Gunna be sorry to see you leave .. I wish I was you .. Comments like those make up for all those that I got fed up of hearing.. With my final working week ahead of me I can already sense a tinge of sadness brewing inside. As jobs go I`ve come to realize with my current job,  A Job isn’t just a Job. I have enjoyed the last two and a half years that I`ve been employed in my current job. Yes it`s had its moments and the pay was never enough  but the people I`ve worked with and a few of the customers I deliver to and have gotten to know really well I shall miss and hold a certain fondness for ..

Two more Fridays and I take flight, however its to Friday next and the preceding week that await me . Trying to anticipate how it will go is probably not a good idea I think. Instead I shall try to appreciate it for what it will be, Enjoying the well wishes, answering the questions , shaking a few hands , getting a few hugs, and then finally departing on Friday with nothing but fond memories of a good job and the good people I have been fortunate to meet and befriend .

Oh one thing tho I wont have to do, as I did today, is sweat as I sit in the nurses office watching her draw my final MMR booster vaccine from it`s vile into the syringe via a 3 inch needle. I KID NOT .. I couldn’t resist pointing out, more from fear I might add , that the last injection was with a smaller needle. The nurse started to laugh saying don’t be silly this one is only to draw it into syringe, I will replace it with a smaller one for the injection. Trust me I was thank full for being silly.


Since I started my little  blog land adventure I`ve come across a myriad of blogs relating to religion, creationism and the whole aspect of how or why we might be here . Most of what I`ve read so far has been incite full , interesting even compelling to read , Some tho have , in their deepness , left me with that proverbial feeling of losing the will to live. It does beggar one question tho. Where do I stand ? To which theory do I subscribe to?

The answer is I really don’t know , The bible, God and the whole religion angle has to be my least favored idea due simply  to the many gaping holes and contradictions not to mention the fact ,to me ,God didn’t ever seem a really nice chap at all . And the way religion is used more often than not as a tool of control and outlandish ideas of sexist male bigotry , In my opinion the bible was written by some egotistical power needy men and for the sole purpose  of self-justification, That is just my view from what ,or even how very little I know , I don’t claim to know nor do I judge those who think or believe otherwise .

The big bang theory and evolution seems a little more plausible to me but even that way of thinking is made up of its fair share of guess-work and willful assumptions , and explanations answered with more uncomprehending quantum science tomfoolery than ya can wave a stick at, I mean from out of nothing by total accident two wotsit thingy`s fly into each other and hey presto a couple of years with too many zero`s later life begins .. Are we to assume that what ever that very first life-form was it was unique? . After all just the chances that one life form resulted are given at a mind-boggling more likely to be impossible odds of happening let alone two , And what was the life span of this life form , because I`m thinking right, that to go , from blob to blob with gills aint going happen over night . AND  if ya look at the diversity of life on this planet and think all that from one little blob .. Not only that I get a real complex when I think that I`m only bloody here because I`m a result of a frigging accident .

So you see, when I choose to sit on the fence with this subject it`s for good reason , Don’t get me wrong I will always wonder and wish to know the how ,why ,what, and when . After all It`s human nature isn’t it ?

And don’t worry the whole Alien  and the cloning experiment that went wrong Idea hasn’t been pushed under the table. I will save that for another Digression, until then kids be good and spread the love ..

Future Shock

In just under four weeks today I leave this country to embark on a life with my Fiance, She lives 3,800 miles away in the good ole land of the USA . It wont be totally alien to me as I`ve been over there a couple of times to visit her,and they all speak English , So it can`t be that difficult , Rite ?

The closer I get to that eagerly awaited date, the more I find myself trying to foresee,predict and plan for the imminent CULTURE SHOCK that I`m about to receive as an immigrant in a foreign land ..The Language Barrier has to be the obvious starting place because English English IS NOT American English. I come from West Country Rural England , yep a carrot cruncher as we are fondly referred as . Now us carrot crunchers have have our distinct form of English with phrases such as ” Ow be on young-un” and ” Gizza Pint Love” not to mention “Anybody got a spare fag”. Any of these will in the very least result in a blank looking face as a response .. “wheres the bog mate?” ” I wanna take a slash” .. So there’s the first issue right there. Now I was being a little tongue in cheek with those examples but I really am going to have to learn to speak American English and in all in tense and purpose become an American .

Out Goes  toilet , crapper and bog ,  In Comes restroom OR Bathroom.Out Goes bonnet ,boot and bumper In comes hood trunk and fender. No more petrol or Diesel its now Gas. it goes on ..

There are lots of other things of course Driving on opposite side of road .. That whole turn right at a red light, remembering to say your welcome , yes sir,yes m`am ..  Form filling, taxation., healthcare, the topic of religion, new customs and traditions, the way food is cooked, the law, my rights, clothing measurements, shoe sizing,  plugs n sockets, how do I fit a new plug,coffee machines, french fries, doughnuts,hotdogs, guns,armadillo`s,,snakes,,bugs,frigging alligators,rednecks n hillbillies,finding my way round, signals,signs, spelling ,terminology, the weather, heat, hurricanes,tornadoes,and so on.

I know its going to be a steep learning curve but its one I relish in taking on. It`s is a little daunting however it also very very exciting . I`m very much looking forward to the future and sharing my life with the soon to be Mrs LankyBritt..

Any suggestions  or advice will be greatly received thank you

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