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Go On Give It A Go

Ok Boys And Girls Here It Is Courtesy of Lanky`s Prime Time ..

The Ultimate Fool Proof Tool To Help You

Understand You !!


Please feel free to share your findings


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14 thoughts on “Go On Give It A Go

  1. I got Dependable , Overdramatic , Happy and Understanding … I`m good with that

  2. Ha! Happy, peaceful, elegant, and patient! Describes me to a tee… :mrgreen:

  3. Okay, so:
    Happy Sinus Crotch Love Bot
    …Sounds like a college band.

    Also, I was just randomly scanning, so I don’t guarantee that all those words are actually in there; my brain may have been pulling from letter collections that were just close enough.

    • hmmm I have to ask Michael have you been smoking an illicit substance by any chance lol , Out of your 5 words I am trying to figure which two I should join to make your four …. Is it Happysinus Sinuscrotch Crotchlove Or Lovebot haha very interesting tho I must admit

      • Naw, I misread it and thought we were supposed to find five. So if you drop one, it should be the last one: bot. Which would leave us with “Happy Sinus Crotch Love”, and that doesn’t really improve things.

  4. Dear Lanky,

    I got –


    Love Dotty xxx

  5. genuine, elegant, lovely, dramatic

    Oh my frickin’ lady godiva! What do you mean I’m dramatic!!!

    😳 Blush


  6. just face it Zoe we are all drama queens lol

  7. I don’t think this test is scientifically sound…but I may just be saying that because I didn’t like the result.

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