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Girls as young as five Reaching Puberty

And Experts Don’t Know Why


          When I first saw this Headline I had to stop myself saying “What The Fuuu*” as my little 7-year-old niece was in earshot .

Is this evolution in progress ?? I asked  myself . It’s a known fact after all that over the last 20 – 30 years children have increasingly been pressured into maturing far earlier than they should be . Us adults in a bid to get them to be easier to manage In a family environment where both adults are working , forcing responsibility on them at an earlier age , basically stripping them of their child hood at a time when that’s all they should be doing .,which is, being a child .. It is a very alarming headline in many ways but evolution is not the reason, however perhaps it would be more beneficial if it were because the real cause of this is probably more scary to me ..

You can get the full Item by clicking link    Girls reaching puberty at 5 yrs old

          I`d like to know your views on this news story because it poses many questions, and I wonder that if it`s factually correct then the state of our society is on a steady spiral downward but far far quicker than is being realized. Discuss


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2 thoughts on “NewsFlash 1

  1. I’d love to have a look at the current state of the research. Offhand, though, the notion that chemical and environmental factors are less likely causes than stress… Um, okay, yeah. I mean, I’m sure the guy has reasons for saying that, but A) it seems very unlikely to me that kids these days are more stressed than kids in earlier times, and B) it seems way more likely that kids are exposed to a lot more chemicals in foods and other things (e.g. fire retardant fabrics) than kids in previous generations were.

  2. I agree Michael and would also add that It also makes the possibility, of reversal / slowing down of such a trend , even more impossible to achieve , . Trend is not the correct word, forgive me, but I think you`ll see my point , The future doesn’t look good either way . No doubt a new wonder drug will be invented to counteract this effect caused by our very own way of existence, So all will be good, at least, until we have to deal with the “”Unforeseen”” long term side affects such a drug may hold in store, ;-(
    I Apologize, that was a bit to much doom and gloom,

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