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Lanky Goes Forth ! Introduction

Nearly 3 yrs ago I was in a virtual bar / Inn which was part of the Facebook game FarmTown , doing my usual thing laughing , joking  annoying the hell outa people just trying to pass away the hours of a pretty boring existence of no work no money no social life pretty much nothing except  Facebook  .  When one day I noticed somebody that I had seen in there before, but not really conversed with, enter the room . I greeted them as was etiquette and asked how they were doing …How could I have possibly thought that from that very point my life would pan out to where it is today ..   Our paths crossed several times we chatted as chatting goes nothing out of the basic virtual chat goes When one day I noticed or sensed that all was not well ,they seemed a Lil upset, so I just did what I felt right and sent a little private message saying  “are ya OK?” if ya need a pair of ears mine are good .. I just got a polite thank you but I’m OK in return which was cool and left it there ..  Then a few days later maybe a week or two I can’t remember, We were chatting a Lil more by this time, I noticed that they were really down so I reaffirmed that my ears were still available. To my surprise  she came to my farm and began talking .

It wasn’t long until we built up a rapor with each other meeting more frequently and confiding in each other more and more about our personal strife’s and such .  As time went on we found ourselves spending most of our online time together enjoying each others company becoming “” VIRTUALLY”” close friends  ..

That was nearly 3 years ago .. We are no longer Friends in a “VIRTUAL” sense. In exactly 3 weeks from today it will be D-DAY … departure day, the day I leave my English home of forty and a few years to start sharing a new life with the girl who 3 years ago entered my life purely and for no other reason than coincidence of doing same thing, at same place, and  at same time. D`Ma and I have been through quite a lot to get to this stage and If your interested in a more detailed account you should check out her blog at  Gullible`s Travels .It’s a fantastic blog of her personal journey and experiences and OUR part of that journey can be found at The Tour Guide

The Lanky Goes Forth !  series will be my thoughts and such as D-Day gets ever closer ..  Enjoy

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6 thoughts on “Lanky Goes Forth ! Introduction

  1. It was just like the old days! A little village inn, girls walks in, boy happens to be there too, they start talking… get to know each other…

    Except, y’know, on Facebook.

  2. Gosh that seems like such a long time ago, now. Who would have ever thought our journey would lead us here?

  3. And It`s really only just about to get going 😉

  4. I’m happy for you both! I don’t know D’Ma well, other than enough to know that she’s a beautiful woman who deserves someone to grow happily old together with. I think you may just be the chap for the post. 🙂

    I’ve got a lot of long-distance relationship experience with my wife, though we rarely had an ocean between us. If you’ve lasted 3 years with that gap, I think that’s a very good sign!

    Cheers and congrats!

    • Thank you TWF both for the visit and the kind words of encouragement in your comment. D`Ma has spoke of you and I take comfort that yourself & others in her blog community strike me as being more genuine and respectful than a lot of people I meet on a daily basis . I can only thank you all for being there for her , I appreciate it greatly

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